I didn’t think I would stop…

Mommy, Please

Every time she tries
You push her down
You make it worse
She just wants to open up
She wants someone to listen
She wants to know that you truly love her
And that you don’t think her problems are worthless
You play her at her lowest
What she hates most
You don’t see how everything you do
Kills her even more inside
You don’t know how close she came
You don’t know anything
But you think you know everything
You think that she isn’t trying
Yet she puts a smile on every day
And hopes that today something will change
She wants to be happy where she is
But she isn’t
And she hates that the most
You don’t understand her
At all
But she wants you to
She can’t seem to grasp that you will never understand
You don’t let her open up
And you don’t understand how that is truly all she wants
She wants you to understand her pain
To try and comfort her
Yet you play everything off like it never happened
That if she never mentions it again
If no one sees the tears streaming down her face
That it will just disappear
She wants you of all people to realize that something is wrong



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