“Summer Has Come and Passed”

Last day of summer, considering how amazing my summer was, it is hard to handle it ending. This was my summer:

Vermont’s Glory

I want to go back to the place
The place I was truly happy
Happy to wake up
Excited for the day
Having nothing to burden me
And being able to smile
And knowing that I wouldn’t rather be crying
Not having to hide myself
Because I knew no one cared
I started to believe in myself
Believe I truly was
As everyone said
Not some ugly little duckling
Who will never succeed
I felt special
I felt important
I felt loved
I felt as though maybe I was talented
Maybe someone does love me for who I am
I was happy I didn’t fit in the box
Where everyone came out all the same
I felt like myself
Like this is how it should be
I shouldn’t want to cry myself to sleep
It didn’t have to be the way it always was
People were happy I was different
People expected me to be different
And I was different
And I was happy



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