Stupid September..

I am extremely sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. I hate September. It is way too busy for its own good. School starts and they expect a lot from you. I have to keep up and do well, which takes up a lot of time. But I will post later either today or tomorrow,  I promise 🙂

I just do not have any of my poetry with me at the moment. I wish I did but I will later today and if I am not too busy working on a paper I will definitely post.

Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Thank You 🙂



“Summer Has Come and Passed”

Last day of summer, considering how amazing my summer was, it is hard to handle it ending. This was my summer:

Vermont’s Glory

I want to go back to the place
The place I was truly happy
Happy to wake up
Excited for the day
Having nothing to burden me
And being able to smile
And knowing that I wouldn’t rather be crying
Not having to hide myself
Because I knew no one cared
I started to believe in myself
Believe I truly was
As everyone said
Not some ugly little duckling
Who will never succeed
I felt special
I felt important
I felt loved
I felt as though maybe I was talented
Maybe someone does love me for who I am
I was happy I didn’t fit in the box
Where everyone came out all the same
I felt like myself
Like this is how it should be
I shouldn’t want to cry myself to sleep
It didn’t have to be the way it always was
People were happy I was different
People expected me to be different
And I was different
And I was happy


Much Apologies

I realize I havent posted in like three days, I have just been extremely distracted. So for that I will give you four poems, I hope you like them all 🙂

Can I Cry Now?

Can I cry now?
Just let the tears fall
Why did he do that?
Why did he choose her?
Why doesn’t he like me?
What did I do?
Am I really that bad?
I just want to cry
Now, let the tears fall
Like a little girl
Like I deserve to

As I assume you can tell, it is about a boy, but a different boy than before, this poem is older.



I watch as the rain falls
As I wonder what it would be like to fall from the sky

I watch as the rain falls
As I feel as though the raindrops are little rocks pelting my soul

I watch as the rain falls
As I cry because no one wants me
I am just an inconvenience
Just like the rain

Everyone is depressed at a time in their life, and I wrote this at my worst.



I want to know
I really want to know
I see him smile
We talk for a moment
I catch him stare
And I get hope
Then I hear
All these stories
About him
And I don’t know
What to believe
Should I hope?
Or should I let go…

This is about the same guy as the first poem, and if you must know, I let go.


Waves of Pain

The waves crash down
And I duck to avoid more pain
Enough, I want to yell
Enough, I want to scream
How come no one sees?
The pain they cause
They laugh and jeer to no end
Yet they don’t see me run and hide
But I wait to cry
So no one will see
See me lower my shields
And let, let the tears fall
Another wave crashes down
And I forget to duck
And more pain comes…

Thank you for reading 🙂



I have nothing to say about this poem except about how close this is to my heart.


I just want to curl up
I just want to go home
I really didn’t want to be here
I want to be the one they are dropping off
I don’t want to have to deal with home
And my mom not understanding what I say
How can she not see?
I swear it is obvious
I guess she doesn’t see how much I just want to be gone
Or she just doesn’t care.