Sorry I did not post yesterday, yesterday was a cray day and I fan out if time and then it was 12:00 and I was just like oh I’ll do it later. So now I am posting. My friends keep talking about their boyfriends, and I am sadly single. So I am posting a poem about the guy who I wish was my boyfriend. Hey, who knows maybe he will be one day…

His Eyes

The green eyes pierce
Pierce my delicate heart
They bend me
They melt me
His beautiful green eyes
They seem to see into my soul
They can see my horrible desires
I feel I have to hide myself
When those eyes look at me
Those beautiful green eyes
His beautiful green eyes
The beautiful green eyes that I love
That I desire
Desire to want to watch me
To dream of me
His beautiful green eyes.

If you could not tell I am head over heels in love with him… who knows if he will ever like me. Since I did not post a poem yesterday I thought I would do a second one in this post.

Love Me?

There he sits
I can’t help but stare
And dream,
Dream about what could
And what should
Then the truth brings me back
To this hard reality
That I live in
He doesn’t love me
Like I wish he could…




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