Irene turned into a really large storm, in which I believe 9 people died. Moment of silence for them…

I hope you waited to go on to read the post. I honestly cannot believe I have lived through and earthquake a tornado and a hurricane in one week of my life, where as none of those things had happened to me before, I mean I live on the East Coast for goodness sakes!

Anyways I was reminiscing today, school is starting soon, and all I could think about was when I was in fourth grade and I started at a new school. I had some interesting experiences at that school, I switched after eighth grade, but this poem was something I wrote in ninth grade when my friend told me to write a really long poem (it isn’s necessarily really long, but it is quite long for a poem I wrote) and so I decided to vent about something that happened through a poem. This poem turned out pretty long and it really helped me get over what happened. I recommend venting like this through a poem to and aspiring poets.

What the Fuck

What the fuck, Elizabeth
What the fuck did I do to you?
You and I were BEST FRIENDS
Better than the sky and the earth
Or were you just using me
To get what you wanted
Yeah, I was naïve
Even a little ignorant
But, now I know
And so should you
You lost something that day
You and your ugly face
Will never get your hearts desire
No boy is going to like you
‘Cause the rare guy who doesn’t judge
That face
Will be threatened with your personality
You will boss him around
More than I could imagine
He will see what is in that heart
What you said
What you will do
He will never get too close
You better reform yourself‘
Cause one dayI’ll have my clothes on the stars
And you won’t even have a boy
I’ll be fawned over
While people stay away
I tried being nice
But, why the fuck can’t I be mean
I never am
Or at least not purposefully
So, sorry you got stuck in my wrath
But, next time think twice about what you do

Thank you for subscribing to my blog it means so much to me. 🙂 I hope you like this poem, and remember if you have anything you have written (songs, short stories, excerpts from longer stories, poems, and anything you interesting) that you would think would work on this blog please send them to me at I would be so happy to post them.

Thank You,



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