Irene Keeping Me In

Seeing as there is a supposed hurricane outside right now, it isn’t raining very hard or anything, but it is keeping me in the house so I decided to do a second post today and figure out how to do tags. I want anyone that reads this to know that if you want me to post a poem, song, creative writing of a sort on here to e-mail me at I will sort through them (if I get any) and post them if they fit my criteria, nothing t0o vulgar. I am going to post a poem, this poem was written pretty long ago, about a year, but I still really like it and I hope you do too.

Moonlit Memories

The sun fades away
As day turns to night
A young child cries
With fears of the night
But a smile creeps
Across my face
The night brings memories
Of a summer night
When the perfect kiss
Slipped from his lips
But the smile fades
When I remember
What happened
With the boy
After the perfect kiss.

I am sitting around bored in my bedroom trying to figure out something to do during this storm. If anyone has any good ideas I would be grateful, there is nothing good on tv on the weekends, which bothers me, a lot. No one interesting is on facebook, and there is nothing to do. I would write but I have no inspiration, maybe a story about what people were thinking when Katrina happened? This hurricane is starting to look like an actual storm which makes me very happy, I like storms, and then I feel a little bit better about staying inside all day and being lazy. I changed my mind, a boy has been killed from this storm, a tree flew into his apartment and he died, this happened in Virginia for those of you who care. I now consider this a true hurricane, though what is hitting me here isn’s exactly hurricane weather… or at least I don’t think it is, I have never lived through a hurricane before.


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