This is my first time blogging.

I hope you guys find this blog interesting.

I decided to start blogging because I have a lot to say and not a lot of people who like to listen, people these days are ignorant. I am not going to tell you about my political or religious views because you hear enough of that everywhere else, but to people who think they would do a better job than the current president realize that it took 8 years to get us into this mess that our world is now, it will take a long time to fix it, and if you think you would be so good then try to run the election in 2012 and see what will happen then. That is all I have to say on that for the rest of this blog… or at least for now. By the way I love to watch crime shows, I happen to be watching NCIS right now.. well I was until the show ended… Anywho if anyone wants me to write about something specific you might need to comment on a post… I will figure more out later, I am not the best with computers and stuff like that.

Thank you for reading this, I will post more later, and some might be stories, some might be about my life, this world may never know… until it happens. 🙂


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