I didn’t think I would stop…

Mommy, Please

Every time she tries
You push her down
You make it worse
She just wants to open up
She wants someone to listen
She wants to know that you truly love her
And that you don’t think her problems are worthless
You play her at her lowest
What she hates most
You don’t see how everything you do
Kills her even more inside
You don’t know how close she came
You don’t know anything
But you think you know everything
You think that she isn’t trying
Yet she puts a smile on every day
And hopes that today something will change
She wants to be happy where she is
But she isn’t
And she hates that the most
You don’t understand her
At all
But she wants you to
She can’t seem to grasp that you will never understand
You don’t let her open up
And you don’t understand how that is truly all she wants
She wants you to understand her pain
To try and comfort her
Yet you play everything off like it never happened
That if she never mentions it again
If no one sees the tears streaming down her face
That it will just disappear
She wants you of all people to realize that something is wrong



Stupid September..

I am extremely sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. I hate September. It is way too busy for its own good. School starts and they expect a lot from you. I have to keep up and do well, which takes up a lot of time. But I will post later either today or tomorrow,  I promise 🙂

I just do not have any of my poetry with me at the moment. I wish I did but I will later today and if I am not too busy working on a paper I will definitely post.

Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Thank You 🙂


“Summer Has Come and Passed”

Last day of summer, considering how amazing my summer was, it is hard to handle it ending. This was my summer:

Vermont’s Glory

I want to go back to the place
The place I was truly happy
Happy to wake up
Excited for the day
Having nothing to burden me
And being able to smile
And knowing that I wouldn’t rather be crying
Not having to hide myself
Because I knew no one cared
I started to believe in myself
Believe I truly was
As everyone said
Not some ugly little duckling
Who will never succeed
I felt special
I felt important
I felt loved
I felt as though maybe I was talented
Maybe someone does love me for who I am
I was happy I didn’t fit in the box
Where everyone came out all the same
I felt like myself
Like this is how it should be
I shouldn’t want to cry myself to sleep
It didn’t have to be the way it always was
People were happy I was different
People expected me to be different
And I was different
And I was happy


Much Apologies

I realize I havent posted in like three days, I have just been extremely distracted. So for that I will give you four poems, I hope you like them all 🙂

Can I Cry Now?

Can I cry now?
Just let the tears fall
Why did he do that?
Why did he choose her?
Why doesn’t he like me?
What did I do?
Am I really that bad?
I just want to cry
Now, let the tears fall
Like a little girl
Like I deserve to

As I assume you can tell, it is about a boy, but a different boy than before, this poem is older.



I watch as the rain falls
As I wonder what it would be like to fall from the sky

I watch as the rain falls
As I feel as though the raindrops are little rocks pelting my soul

I watch as the rain falls
As I cry because no one wants me
I am just an inconvenience
Just like the rain

Everyone is depressed at a time in their life, and I wrote this at my worst.



I want to know
I really want to know
I see him smile
We talk for a moment
I catch him stare
And I get hope
Then I hear
All these stories
About him
And I don’t know
What to believe
Should I hope?
Or should I let go…

This is about the same guy as the first poem, and if you must know, I let go.


Waves of Pain

The waves crash down
And I duck to avoid more pain
Enough, I want to yell
Enough, I want to scream
How come no one sees?
The pain they cause
They laugh and jeer to no end
Yet they don’t see me run and hide
But I wait to cry
So no one will see
See me lower my shields
And let, let the tears fall
Another wave crashes down
And I forget to duck
And more pain comes…

Thank you for reading 🙂



I have nothing to say about this poem except about how close this is to my heart.


I just want to curl up
I just want to go home
I really didn’t want to be here
I want to be the one they are dropping off
I don’t want to have to deal with home
And my mom not understanding what I say
How can she not see?
I swear it is obvious
I guess she doesn’t see how much I just want to be gone
Or she just doesn’t care.


Sorry I did not post yesterday, yesterday was a cray day and I fan out if time and then it was 12:00 and I was just like oh I’ll do it later. So now I am posting. My friends keep talking about their boyfriends, and I am sadly single. So I am posting a poem about the guy who I wish was my boyfriend. Hey, who knows maybe he will be one day…

His Eyes

The green eyes pierce
Pierce my delicate heart
They bend me
They melt me
His beautiful green eyes
They seem to see into my soul
They can see my horrible desires
I feel I have to hide myself
When those eyes look at me
Those beautiful green eyes
His beautiful green eyes
The beautiful green eyes that I love
That I desire
Desire to want to watch me
To dream of me
His beautiful green eyes.

If you could not tell I am head over heels in love with him… who knows if he will ever like me. Since I did not post a poem yesterday I thought I would do a second one in this post.

Love Me?

There he sits
I can’t help but stare
And dream,
Dream about what could
And what should
Then the truth brings me back
To this hard reality
That I live in
He doesn’t love me
Like I wish he could…




Irene turned into a really large storm, in which I believe 9 people died. Moment of silence for them…

I hope you waited to go on to read the post. I honestly cannot believe I have lived through and earthquake a tornado and a hurricane in one week of my life, where as none of those things had happened to me before, I mean I live on the East Coast for goodness sakes!

Anyways I was reminiscing today, school is starting soon, and all I could think about was when I was in fourth grade and I started at a new school. I had some interesting experiences at that school, I switched after eighth grade, but this poem was something I wrote in ninth grade when my friend told me to write a really long poem (it isn’s necessarily really long, but it is quite long for a poem I wrote) and so I decided to vent about something that happened through a poem. This poem turned out pretty long and it really helped me get over what happened. I recommend venting like this through a poem to and aspiring poets.

What the Fuck

What the fuck, Elizabeth
What the fuck did I do to you?
You and I were BEST FRIENDS
Better than the sky and the earth
Or were you just using me
To get what you wanted
Yeah, I was naïve
Even a little ignorant
But, now I know
And so should you
You lost something that day
You and your ugly face
Will never get your hearts desire
No boy is going to like you
‘Cause the rare guy who doesn’t judge
That face
Will be threatened with your personality
You will boss him around
More than I could imagine
He will see what is in that heart
What you said
What you will do
He will never get too close
You better reform yourself‘
Cause one dayI’ll have my clothes on the stars
And you won’t even have a boy
I’ll be fawned over
While people stay away
I tried being nice
But, why the fuck can’t I be mean
I never am
Or at least not purposefully
So, sorry you got stuck in my wrath
But, next time think twice about what you do

Thank you for subscribing to my blog it means so much to me. 🙂 I hope you like this poem, and remember if you have anything you have written (songs, short stories, excerpts from longer stories, poems, and anything you interesting) that you would think would work on this blog please send them to me at whatyouwishitwouldbe@gmail.com. I would be so happy to post them.

Thank You,